President Santokhi: “Buitenlands beleid heeft ware transformatie ondergaan”

Suriname’s foreign policy has undergone a true transformation, according to President Chandrikapersad Santokhi. At the continuation of the General Political Reflections on Thursday 11 November in the National Assembly (DNA), the head of state said that Suriname presents itself to the world as a country where there is democracy and democratic principles and institutions are respected.

“A country where law and law apply to everyone and are not abused for individual interest; where human and political rights are respected, protected and enhanced; and a country where good governance is the norm.” According to the head of government, the political and economic interests of Suriname will be central to the foreign policy to be implemented. These Surinamese interests will be further refined in consultation with the business community as well as with other functional social organisations.

President Santokhi: “We will develop a principled, pragmatic and balanced foreign policy worldwide, which will be reflected in establishing relations with friendly countries and relevant multilateral organizations in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe. The fruits of the transformed foreign policy are already being reaped. The support we receive from abroad in the fight against and immunization against the coronavirus is a direct result of this. Suriname is back on the map and is once again competing internationally as a respected nation. We haven’t had that for a long time.”    

The head of state says the development of the interior has equal priority for the government. Several projects have already been initiated for this purpose. One of the government’s top priorities is to resolve the land rights issue. In addition, the government will continue to pursue its vision of domestic development in the form of education projects, including secondary schools, electrification projects, clean drinking water projects and housing projects.